Church Life

This is a simple overview of what being part of Grace Govan is like



At the heart of our week is the first day of the week—Sunday. We gather to pray, read the Bible, sing, and hear a message about a Bible passage. At the moment we are meeting every Sunday at 11am. You can find out more about our Sunday services and where we meet here.


We strive to be a praying church. We meet every Thursday evening for our weekly prayer meeting. We spend a few minutes studying a Bible text, and then we pray. We pray for one another, the needs in our community, and other churches. Get in touch with us if you'd like to know more, or if you want to come along. We also have a weekly community drop-in on Thursdays.


Being a Christian isn't just for Sundays. We strive to be a church that takes the reality that Jesus is Lord of all of life seriously. We also strive to take seriously Jesus' command to love one another. Grace Baptist Church Govan is not a church to simply go to, but a church to belong to.